By commissioning, trading, or receiving art from me, you agree, and will respect the following terms below, and the sub sections on the left.

  • All artworks made by me must be credited properly! Social media presences can be found in the “Contacts” section!

  • My own characters or personal artworks may not be used for commercial products such as advertisement, merchandise, or physical products without my permission.

  • Artworks may be used for advertisements, merchandise, or physical products with the intent of selling/profiting IF i have explicitly given you permission to do so.


  • (NEW/sept 21 2021) Feel free to use designs I have traded you in advertisements, merchandise or products UNLESS the artwork is made by me, and if thats the case, please ask me first!

  • (NEW/ Oct 24 2021) added section in “Character Trades”. Changed the first rule in the “Commission/Art section.

  • (NEW/Nov 16 2021) Added section in the art/commission section against NFTs.

  • (NEW/Feb 25 2022) Made some rules more clearer, specifically in Art/Commission and Character Trades.


  • (CHANGED) Unless a specific deadline has been set, Art will take minimum a week or two to complete. I will give active updates to ensure that no misunderstandings occur Due to recent events, it may take me up to a month to complete the artworks. If a deadline has been sent, I will not accept anything lower than 2 weeks. If you’ve given me more than 5 artworks to complete, it may take more than two weeks.

  • Please don't force me to rush artworks or give me unrealistic dates. If you rush me, or expect me to finish 10 artworks in a day, you wont really get the quality you hoped for.

  • I will give active updates to ensure that both me and you are comfortable with the art process

  • Half of monetary payements (such as money) must be sent before i start the artwork. The other half must be given once I’m finished. This is just to ensure that I don’t get scammed.

  • I might use the commission/Art that I may place in my art examples/portfolio. If you feel uncomfortable with this, please let me know in advance!

  • I have the right to decline any commissions if i find that you are being disrespectful, or are threatening me in any way.

  • ALL commission convos will be screenshotted and stored as evidence for safety purposes.

  • I will send you updates about the artwork of the process.

  • If I find that you do not intend on paying for said artwork, the commission will be canceled.

  • I have the right to refuse a commission if I find that you are problematic, dangerous, or offensive in any way.

  • (NEW) Do NOT, EVER use my characters,designs,artwork or anything belonging to me in NFTs. Even for commissioned artworks or characters that have been purchased from me.

  • (NEW) Along with the above statement, you MUST tell me what the artwork will be used for from now on.


  • The character(s) must be transferred within 24 hours UNLESS you tell me in advance that you are unable to send it to me within that time frame. This is to avoid any character theft from occuring.

  • I now require users to send their character transfer request first to avoid getting scammed. If you do not trust me, you’re free to contact any of the other users who have traded with me before for proof. If you refuse to transfer your part of the trade before mine or try to cancel the transfer, then I will cancel the trade.

  • I don’t mind what you do with the character that you have received. Just as long as you keep the proper credits in and don’t do malicious things to cause harm or scam others, and follow the “Art/Commission” section of the TOS, do whatever you want with it.

  • I am in no way capable of revoking characters from you as I do not own the character anymore.

  • If you do malicious or outright illegal things with ocs you receive from me, you will be blocked and put on a blacklist.

  • Feel free to redesign the character however you want, just as long as you keep me credited (if I’m the designer or creator).

  • If you get a freebie from me, feel free to trade, or do whatever you want with it really. I’d appreciate if you didn’t sell them without any extra art with monetary value added.

  • Please don’t ghost me if you offer on a character and lose interest in it. It’s a big waste of time not only for me, but for others who are also interested in said character. Simply tell me that you’re no longer interested, I won’t be mad or anything!

  • If you would like to make an animated series, or anything with characters that were originally created by me, by all means go ahead! Do whatever you want with them! Just please let me know in advance so I can see what you’re working on! That stuff’s super cool so I’d love to know what it’s about!

(NEW) REMINDER: I am not responsible for any scams, thefts, or drama involving designs/characters that no longer belong to me. (Meaning, if I’ve given you a character and you get scammed by someone else, or if it’s an issue that does not involve me, I’m not responsible)

PLEASE contact me if anything bad happens with my designs, but don’t expect me to revoke a character or do something out of my comfort zone. These things can be very stressful and I’d rather not be involved if it’s something out of my control

Do NOT contact me if a design of mine has been..
colour pickedreferenced“pose theft”“aesthetic theft”used as an inspiration
I do not consider ANY of these things actual issues and I could care less if someone does it. If the person owning a design of mine is uncomfortable with it, please listen to them.


Blacklisted users are publicly shown HERE

  • (UPDATED) I encourage all of you to NOT witchhunt or harrass any of the users included in the blacklist. You’ll only make the situation worst.

  • Unless you’re actively looking to harrass/attack me, or unless I’ve specified NOT to dm me about a specific user, if you would like to dm me to know why I’ve put a specific person on a blacklist, feel free to dm me.

  • Please don’t ask me to take you off the blacklist without any reasoning.

  • Do NOT use alt accounts or other people to bypass the blacklist/block. That is considered block/ban evading.

  • If you belive that a user on the blacklist has broken any of the rules stated above, please contact me via toyhouse DM or Twitter dms